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Collier Anti-Aboiement Automatique Intelligent pour Chiens - Étanche, Rechargeable, Sûr et Inoffensif, Collier de Dressage

10,42 €


Nom de la marque : PaiPaitek.

Type d'article : dissuasif contre les aboiements

Origine : Chine continentale

Type : Chiens

Matériel: Plastique

Numéro de modèle : PD258S

Nom du produit : collier anti-aboiement pour chien de compagnie. Collier anti-aboiement automatique.

Couleur : noir/marron/rose/argent et or, etc.

Fonction : avertissement sonore et choc

Caractéristique 1 : Conception brevetée et produit qualifié avec certificats CE/Rohs/FCC

Caractéristique 2 : Collier pour chien rechargeable avec une longue autonomie en veille jusqu'à 14 jours

Caractéristique 3 : 5 niveaux de sensibilité réglables

Caractéristique 4 : fabricant de collier anti-aboiement original, bon marché et qualité garantie.

Caractéristique 5 : écologique, durable, approvisionné

Garantie : 1 an de garantie garantie

Appliquer aux chiens : convient aux chiens de petite et moyenne taille

Avantage : léger/longue veille/rechargeable

Type d'article : dissuasif contre les aboiements

Espace de la pièce : intérieur et extérieur

Collier anti-aboiement pour chien petit : Collier chaîne de dressage pour chien

Beeper pour collier de chien : Collier de dressage électrique pour chien

Dispositif anti-aboiement : Collier anti-aboiement

Collier anti-aboiement pour chien : Collier anti-aboiement pour chien

Collier anti aboiement pour chien : Collier de dressage pour chien étanche


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Beep, Vibration,Beep+Vibration

Way of Working

Automatic Barking

Automatic Barking

Automatic Barking

Remote Training

Dog Size










Remote Range





The number of controlling


1 dog

1 dog

2 dogs

Water Capabilities





Newest Pet Agility Dog Bark Collar PD 258-S

1) With battery charging circuit, energy-saving design, and automatically self-protective features.
2) Not being easily disturbed by other noises.
3) The model PD 258L is suitable for most middle-large size dogs. Model PD 258S is for most middle-small size dogs.
4)Sensitivity can be adjusted with five levels.

Quick Starting Guide
1. Patented design with small and fine of meniscus shape.
2.Waterproof (normal work in rain), Rechargeable ( 2 hours rapid charging + 30 Days last up+ 1 year stand by )
3. 2 training modes: beeper and static shock.
4. 7 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively.
5. Intelligent protection function (work 10 seconds off a minute). 
6. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.
7. 5 levelsof sensitivity adjustment by+ and -buttons to be suitable for different dogs.
8.Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large

Training Instructions:

1)When dog barks, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 2 seconds.
2)Within 30 seconds if the dog barks twice, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 3 seconds.
3)Within 30 seconds if the dog barks third times, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 5 seconds with slightly static shock the dog for punishment training, and encourage the dog remember the alarm sound in order to make the dog stop barking once hearing the alarm.
4)The same training will continue 7 times. The first and second times are only alarm sound, and if the dog continues barking, it will trigger the third and seven times alarm static shock. The static shock intensifies every time in order to correct. Don’t worry and the static shock won’t hurt the dogs .
5)The dog will enhance the memory every time the static shock intensifies, and will quickly understand the shock as punishment because of its barking. There will be very good effect after sometime training. 

    • Product usage introduction

1. PD 258S anti barking collar can help you to train your dog have good habits by static shock or beep functions.
2. The size of the product is small, but the power is large enough.It can fit for small or medium dogs.
3. PD 258S will be a good helper to take care of your dog.
4. The PD 258S anti barking collar is proved safe, effective and comfortable by long-term market validation and customer feedback.
Matters needing attention
1. The product can use in rain,mud or snow. But you can't put it in water when using it. Please do not use it the whole day. Let the dog rest for 3-5 hours a day.
2. The product is plastic and electronic components. It should not be eaten by dog.
3. The product can only be used for anti barking, not children's toy.
4. Stop barking is a long process, please don't stop use it too early.