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Alimentation Automatique pour Animaux de Compagnie - Prise Britannique/USB, Télécommande Intelligente, Machine d'Alimentation Quantitative pour Chats et Chiens avec Chronométrage

31,80 €


Est-ce un appareil intelligent : OUI

Écran LCD : Oui

Type de prise : Royaume-Uni

Nom de marque: autre

Réglage de l'heure : oui

Source d'alimentation : CHARGE

Type : chats

Matériau : ABS respectueux de l'environnement.

Origine : Chine continentale

Sortie maximale : 100 g

Sortie minimale : 50 g

Avec distributeur d'eau : non



• Automatic Feeding :The feeder automatically dispenses food at set intervals, making it easy to keep your pet well-fed without having to worry about feeding times.

• Intelligent Remote Control:The feeder comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the feeding schedule, portion size, and feeding duration from a distance.

• Timing Quantitative Automatic Food Machine :The feeder has a built-in timer that ensures your pet is fed at the right time, and the correct amount of food is dispensed based on your pet's weight and activity level.

• LCD Display:The feeder has an LCD display that shows the time, date, and remaining food quantity, making it easy to monitor your pet's feeding schedule.

Product Name: Automatic feeder

Material: Environmental protection ABS

Product adapter: button mode and WiFi mode are equipped with UK plug

Applicable Food: 5mm-15mm dry food

Automatic Feeding: Up to 4 meals per day, up to 20 servings per meal, each serving is about 10g.

Recording: 10s recording, automatically play before each meal feeding.

Memory Function: In case of power failure, the system automatically saves the current feeding parameters.

Packing List: Feeder, stainless steel food plate, USB cable, adapter (UK), product manual

3.5L Elf pet feeder button model

Please refer to the instructions for operation and precautions

3.5L Elf Pet Feeder WiFi Feeder

Please refer to the instructions for operation and precautions